Order execution

  1. Your orders are usually processed within 40 business hours upon receipt of payment unless agreed otherwise.
  2. The clients are entitled to a full refund should order fulfillment not commence within 40 business hours.
  3. The deadlines are established prior to effecting payment and ARE NOT subject to change thereafter. Should the deadline remain undefined upon effecting payment, italentbase.com is entitled to set deadlines in accordance with the industry standards and corporate regulations, of which the client shall be notified via email.
  4. Should the client leave the confirmation email unanswered for 48 hours, italentbase.com shall deem the order conditions specified in the email accepted by the client.
  5. Italentbase.com is entitled to retain up to 50% of the order payment should the client cancel the order fulfillment in progress.
  6. The client shall receive the fulfilled order in a way previously agreed upon by the client and italentbase.com.
  7. The client shall review the fulfilled order within 24 hours upon its completion and suggest changes, if necessary. Should the client abstain from suggestions for the specified period, the order is deemed finalized and not subject to any amendments unless such amendments have been paid for separately.

NOTE: Should the specialist chosen by the client be temporarily unable to fulfill the client’s order because of other commitments, the client is offered to make a partial payment in order to reserve the specialist’s services for when they become available.